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this is my website, i shall talk about stuff here if i dont forget about it (i will)

quote:it's The Fog o'clock somewhere..

sava28, pronoun:he, im russian, 15, i like making games in gamemaker studio 2. Something silly(mental illness) is brewing... sorry if i say something stupid

look at this epic box i definetly didnt copy from a cohost post
check out my video game page

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here's a 8x8 checkbox grid for "art" (drawing a smiley face)

god i wish there was an easier way to add a ton of checkboxes without typing in input type = "checkbox" 64 times

bounce this around like a spring

B O I N G !

player fan(me)art

player gets funny boots
player as the off guy
player tried to kill me (im the one with the hat), they're so silly
wait crap the player doesnt have a mouth aw damn drawing ruined
player shaking hands(?) with shapeman (COLORISZED), you dont know who he is and noone else will
player fanart gameboy color edition (click this image for a higher quality version)

make the gif youreself if youre so smart

secret text

This website is best viewed with your eyes open.

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